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3 wks after i got back from tonsai bay and that was in march 2007.
I got news from a friend at tonsai bay saying that all the pubs by the beach were ripped down. Im so pissed. I was told that they wanna make more resorts there.
My friends and I personally think that they shld just leave the place as it is..

It sucks!

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Yes, everyone has been moved out of the beachfront this month. They were all renting their bars etc.from one owner (who owns all the land along the beach from Tonsai Bay Resort to the Dream Valley end).

They will build a big retirement home complex there, starting in 1-2 years time, around 200 apartments I believe. So Ton Sai will definitely change - from backpacks to zimmer frames!

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Yep i also was there only 3 days ago and they have already put up an ugly barb wire fence surrounding the plot that has been bought or sold ( by who ) does anyone know what is happening over there. If it becomes a zimmer home does it become a private inlet or our we still allowed over there to enjoy the many activites. Not that it will be the same but do we get a choice !!
i do realise the island is changing but the thais are all misplaced, and a once beautiful , healthy and friendly inlet is ruined .. No one is talking about next season for climbers, kyakers, holiday makers do we go there or just is that the end of an era. it was a place for everyone with the best views of islands.

What is happening to the back of the inlet were dream valley and forresters and also country are based. are they included in getting thrown off Ton Sai. ??????

Is there any reason to go next season if its like a war zone with broken bars and rubbish.

its such a shame , and i can't understand hows it happening without anyone knowing or really caring .

an unhappy english guy

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Hey just as unhappy as u. Im just so sad about their projects. I mean we came from the city..and we are escaping from the metropolitan life in our country. And we just want some tranquility. I cried when my friend at Mountain View Resort called me to inform me bout projects they gonna do.


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Hi Elda

i just wish there was a way to talk to others and explain whats happening ... do you know any other contacts or companies that  i can email and say the the same ...

its good to hear there is at least there is a few out there worrying..


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No beaches in Thailand can be made private property - just ask Rayavadee on Phra Nang Cave Beach next door! - so there is no risk of you being thrown off Ton Sai. Whether you will want to come back with the new building is another question.

As far as I know no one else, other than the people who were renting in the fenced off bit you saw a few days ago, is being thrown out, as they are on completely different plots of land either owned themselves (Tonsai Bay Resort, Countryside and Dream Valley), or rented from the owners.

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ok cheers for the update, do the country /foresters etc have proper land titles as i thought it was all under national park.

if there is any further news on whats happening over at ton sai i  would really appreciate the info

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Hello  administrator

Just got back again from Ton Sai and its just left as a rubbish dump, the thais are moving out as they have too. (Ok i understand that now). But what about all the rubbish and wood and concrete that is left behind. Is it going to be left like that or is the new silent owners going to at least clean the area up. Even if they aren't starting construction this year or next they could at least clean it up for the sake of the tourists that are still going and supporting the bay.
Is there anyone i can contact about this ??
thanks   dave

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Just arrived back again, cause i love krabi

and wandering from my last email if you managed to find out any contacts or officials who the TOURISTS of krabi can contact, As i have spoken to many people over there and railay and they agree and you may too that if we do a petition or complain to the business partners who own the land then they at least may clean it up for the tourists. as explained before everyone has come to terms with the idea its all changing and progression is happening . But to leave it all in such a state..

cheers dave

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Hello Again ............Went back for xmas and new year , and will be going back again ... things move very slowly in The Land Of Ton Sai......... but its still a great place . There is still no news on the hotel developments and also the big company who have bought the land,  and its just been left it to over grow . Which is better news  i think as in the last 10 mths of my last reply its mostly all jungle again  , But also in between new bars have sprung up amongst it.

I feel for the thais over there as its not up to them to clear the land, especially since they were told to get off due to developments and also they are trying to make a living . I do think they could help a little and tidy up around them and there shops/restaurants as that is what the tourist also sees. But do understand the the thais of Ton Sai are fighting a battle against the corparations.

Still love it and realise alot of people out there still do or are at least interested in Ton Sai due to the amount of hits Ton Sai has receieved on this site.

Your can't take the Views and the mountains away , and it is way cheaper than Railay which has rocketed over the past yrs . Due to 5 star developments...

Ton Sai is still very much chilled out , with great people over there.

keep me posted on what you think , any views or info is appreciated