Topic: general help on where to stay in Krabi

I'm staying in Krabi at the end of Jan for 10 days or so. Meeting a friend who is traveling over there. Neith of us have been to this region before and I want to ge the stay as right as possible because of my short amount of time there.

We are interested in a more rustic style area, and we are interested in Sea Kayaking, bit of rock climbing, bit of relaxing. Not interested in night clubs! But definitely up for nice beach fronted places, where you can chat and meet other peopleand get a late drink if you want at a friendly bar.

Have even thought of trying to find a local Kick boxing club, as we are both female kickboxers. Might be a bit too brutal for us in Thailand though!!

Anyway, just don't know where to stay. Is Krabi town it's self a good place to stop a couple of nights? I hear it has a night market?

Would we be best just booking into a resort when we get there - or is it advisable to pre-book?

What is the nicest mainland beach resort around Krabi?

Thanks for any info anyone can supply


Re: general help on where to stay in Krabi

Sounds like what you are looking for is Ton Sai Beach:

It has the required accommodation and atmosphere and it's next to the nicest mainland beaches in Krabi (Railay West and Phra Nang Cave).

There is a kickboxing gym in Ao Nang, a short boat ride away. And you could also visit the night market in Krabi Town one evening (via Ao Nang), or stay there a couple of nights as you suggest.

Re: general help on where to stay in Krabi

Thank you for your help. I have seen that Tonsai is hard to reach? Is i easy enough to get out and about for sea Kayaking, treking etc?

Also, is it advisable to try and book a place to stay in advance? Well be there 1st 2 weeks of February. Is it too busy then to just arrive without booking in somewhere before?

What is Railay like?
Thanks agian