Topic: I have one day in Krabi

Hi there

I will be in Krabi for one day next week on a cruise and have a few questions i thought someone would be able to help me with.

Is it cheaper to shop here than Phuket?  I am mainly looking for items such as dvds, clothes and bags.

I will be there with my hubby, two young kids and my pensioner parents (didnt want to call them elderly  LOL).  Was wondering how abundant the public toilets were as we always seem to be looking for one on holidays.

Not sure where the ship docks in (ie whether it is near the beach or town).

What would you suggest for the agenda of the day. Bit of shopping and a trip to a beach???

Is there lots of Western style cafes?   Are these mainly in the town or at beaches?

Any info would be appreciated.      My hubby did like the suggestion of Old Speckled Hen when i read out to him some of the forum topics.