Topic: Land part of Langkawi to Krabi trip

Getting a boat from Langkawi to Satun seems easy, but what to do next? After passport control I'm on a peer, some 10 kms off Satun. How to get to Krabi then? Taxi to Krabi from the peer (are they? How much to pay?) or Taxi to Satun town, maybe bus station (how much again?), and then taxi or minibus or bus? Please advice! Money as well as time matters. Thanks!!!

Re: Land part of Langkawi to Krabi trip

There is a direct service from Langkawi to Krabi, by ferry to Hat Yao pier in Trang, then overland by minubus to Krabi Town. This is operated by Tigerline Travel (do a Google search, they come up top). This is about 2000 baht, so it's not cheap, but it will get you here, conveniently, in a day.

If you want to go via Satun, then you will need to take a taxi to the bus station (not sure on price), then a bus to Krabi. This will cost around 220 baht for a direct bus, a little more if you have to change in Trang. I think there are a lot of  travel agents at the pier who will arrange this for you, including the transfer to the bus station, probably for about double this price :-)

If you arrive in Satun not too late in the day (say by noon), you should be able to complete your journey in one day.

Hope this helps!

Re: Land part of Langkawi to Krabi trip

Thanks for your reply! I've found a Tigerline ferry web site. It says departure from Langkawi 9:00, arrival to Krabi 15:00. Isn't it too long? How long will be a bus/taxi ride from Satun to Krabi? If, say I take a 9:00 ferry from Langkawi to Satun, I'm in Satun 9:30 Thai time, right? So, could it be quicker to go from Satun by taxi/minibus? 2 people, 4000 bt for a Tigerline ferry - can it be comparable with a taxi ride?