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we will be in Krabi for a week in March and would like to do some snorkeling and kayaking or canoeing tours, either organized or on our own.

My first question is: Which is the most beautiful tour if one wants to see the mangroves paddling oneself? I have found mentioned the area near Thalen pier, the area behind Krabi town and an area on Koh Yao. Which area would you recommend?

2. Secondly I would like to ask you: Is it true that one can go from Railay to Poda in a kayak? How much time would this take for an average paddler?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

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Hi Con

Thalen is nice, but it gets a little busy (LOTS of kayak tours go there). Koh Yao is a little far from Krabi to go kayaking for a day, though it's beautiful round there. The Krabi River mangroves are less impressive visually but very good if you want to see a bit of the local culture, as there are many small traditional fishing communities in the backwaters and you can see the fishermen at work etc.

My personal favourite area is Bor Tor in the north of the province. The mangroves are in excellent condition and there are some truly beautiful sights along the way. Make sure you take the full day tour with 2 sessions (morning and afternoon) as there are two different caves to see and you only see one on the half day trip.

Railay to Poda in a kayak? yikes
It's possible I guess.... if you're very fit and the sea is like glass (no waves / wind). I would strongly advise against attempting this, however, as an "average paddler" would never make it - you are likely to get severe sunstroke and / or capsize first.

Re: Mangroves tour

Andaman Camp and Cruise ([url removed - sorry no link advertising allowed]) organise private customised snorkeling and camping trips that can include kayaking either as part of a trip or as a trip on its own.

I would respectfully disagree that Raillay to Poda is not advisable - if you are reasonably fit and do not choose a day where the currents/winds are overly strong (when it would be dangerous), it is easily done in about an hour.