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Does anyone knows where to get muslim food in ao nang?

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We get asked this a lot, so I'm going to write a long answer! smile

Ao Nang is predominantly Muslim, though the main tourist area is not. Near the beachfront, you can find a few Muslim-owned restaurants. Please note that although all the restaurants mentioned below will not serve pork, it is not sure that all their meat is dhabiha halal (slaughtered in the correct way). Some in the tourist areas also serve alcohol.

Highly recommended is Ruen Preutsa, which is in Somkiet Buri Resort (entrance opposite McDonald's). This serves excellent Thai Muslim food, as well as seafood and some western dishes. The setting is in a beautiful garden.

Another good hotel restaurant is in Ao Nang Princeville Resort (Muslim-owned). I think the name of this is White Orchid. Again, they serve Thai food and seafood as well. It is located on the beachfront, with the entrance next to a place called Kent Tailor.

Wanna's Place at the far end of the beach serves good European food, as well as ok Thai food - with the exception of the Massaman curry, which is very, very good.

Prices in all 3 of these restaurants will be around 200-300 Baht a head for a big meal, less if you are sharing dishes.

Several of the seafood restaurants along the so-called "seafood street" on the beachfront are also Halal - try Ao Nang Seafood, YaYa Thai Kitchen and Ban Lay Restaurant. All also serve chicken, beef and vegetable dishes.

For cheap 'street food' (25 - 40 Baht a plate), you should head into Ao Nang Village (around 1km from the beach). At lunchtime and at night (until about 9pm), there are many small stalls, run by the local Muslim women. Dishes include rice and curry, pad thai, fried rice, papaya salad, noodle soup, rotis etc. You can get a motorbike sidecar taxi from the beach to the village for 20 Baht per person, or walk (it is around 10 minutes' uphill). Another street food area at lunchtime is around Krabi Resort, where you will find stalls selling barbecued chicken, noodle soup etc.

The street food you find in the evening food plaza opposite Krabi Resort tends to be from Buddhist Thai people from the north. Many of them do not serve pork, out of respect for the local people (e.g. the ones at the far end opposite the entrance), but of course they will eat it themselves, and their meat will definitely not be dhabiha halal.

In general, all Thai people who live in Krabi are aware and happy to cater for Muslim diets. You just need to tell the waiter "Isa-lam" and they will (usually!) understand.

Hope this helps! The food is all delicious here, and you will not be disappointed.


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Thanks for the info. :tummenupp:
It is sure a good guideline for me during my stay in krabi end of this month.
From your above reply it means in krabi town there shold be no problem for me right?
Also the night market at ao nang do they sell halal food?
How will i know that they are turly selling halal food.
Cos in my country it is by the cert certifying the food is halal or the person who sells it is a muslim.

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In the night market in Ao Nang there is a Muslim lady selling food, now I come to think of it. She's at the back on the right hand side.

Some shops will display a Muslim crescent and star outside, others the Halal sign in Arabic - but I don't think you'll have a problem finding out which places are safe to eat in. As I said, just say the word "Is-a-lam" and you'll soon get a reply yes or no smile

Krabi Town also has plenty of Halal places, though not many are open at night (other than in the night markets).

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i`m going to krabi in march. are there any vegetarian/vegan restaurants there? i`ve foun info on happycow.com that there is one vegetarian restaurant but maybe there are more? do they have lots of vegetarian foods (i mean warm foods not salads or fruits) on the menu like tofu, seitan maybe? i hope someone answers...:)

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Olga, are you strictly vegetarian (i.e. no fish / fish products)? If so it may be quite hard for you to find Thai meals that you can eat, as almost everything uses some fish sauce or shrimp paste - even the vegetable-only stir fries and curries. The local markets will have plain tofu on skewers, either grilled or fried, with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, though even these may be basted with fish sauce.

You may find it useful to look at this page: http://www.yourkrabi.com/flyer/flyer-restaurants0805.php the listings are all current.

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yes, i do not eat any fish products. i suspected something like that, but in that link you gave i found some places where i might eat! thanks so much for you answer! smile