Topic: Hov Pod in Thailand

Many people wish to experience the Hov Podding Experience, so if you have access to a lake, river, beach, or grassland, you may be interested in starting a rental company, perhaps for a lifestyle change, away from more mundane activities! While owning a Hov Pod can be a wonderful recreational pastime, owning your on business in the recreational industry can be very fulfilling too!
For more information concerning Hov Pod pricing or purchasing a Hov Pod, please contact Hover Asia Distribution for our local Manager or Dealers details. Our local Managers and Dealers can provide quotations, demo rides, inspections and many exciting stories about Hov Pod ownership.

They are the most reliable personal leisure crafts on the planet.
The UN and the Red Cross both use our hovercrafts for rescue missions.
They’re Fast, they’re Fun and they’re right here in South East Asia! Be the first who try this wonderfull craft!
If you are interested to buy or rent, please do not hesitate contact me: [email protected] or ph. 0892888115

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