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Hi, first off, let me just say you´re running a killer website, it really is something else, so kudos to you...

I´m planning a trip to Krabi the last week of march (also visiting singapore and malaysia before that) and I was hoping I could stay in Railay; as we would be flying into phuket airport we assumed it would basically be a question of getting a taxi at the airport to drive us down to krabi or thereabouts and then on to Railay itself by boat; and that´s where the problem arises, as I´m picking up here and there that boats to Railay (wich can only be accesed by boat right?) are scarce  towards the end of the day, to say the least.
Arriving at phuket at somewhere around 1330,  what would our best option be?

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Hi Gerard

Thanks for the kind comments - flattery will always get you a quick answer ;-)

For Railay you have a couple of options: if you are booking your hotel ahead of time (advisable even in March, as Railay is popular), get them to pick you up at the airport in Phuket. You will then get door-to-door service, using the hotel's own transport, plus someone to carry your bags on and off the boat. It sounds pricey at around 3000 - 3200 baht depending on the hotel but in actual fact, it will work out fairly similar to doing it by yourself as the airport taxis in Phuket tend to overcharge to Ao Nang (2700 - 3000 baht is the price we heard recently).

Second option would be to get one of those airport taxis to Ao Nang, then take the longtail boat over there by yourself. You'll reach Ao Nang at the latest by 4.30pm (allowing an hour to get out of the airport + 2 hour journey time), in which case there will be plenty of longtails going over there. They only start to thin out around 6 - 7pm, though there are in fact boats available until midnight**.

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**The frequency of longtails to Railay depends on the number of passengers, as the boats only leave when there are enough people to pay the driver the minimum he needs to start the engine (usually 6). Night time = fewer passengers and longer waiting times. (i.e. it's not the boats that are scarce, it's the passengers). In fact, the boats will leave immediately if you are prepared to pay them the price for 6 passengers (600 baht).

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Thanks a lot for the swift answer; just a quick follow up question; if we were to fancy a couple of drinks outside Railay at night, I take it we would also have to either team up with another 4 passengers or simply pay the full price of the boat, correct? What I´m basically asking is how trapped would we be, if we were to stay in a Railay resort in terms of going out for a night cap?

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Gerard Loughlin

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Yes, you would need to pay full price for the boat to Ao Nang and back (either alone or shared with others). There are quite a few bars in Railay itself though, so it's unlikely you will need to leave for a drink - most people head over to Ao Nang for the shopping, rather than the nightlife.