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Getting around Krabi

Local public transport and private rental options

Passengers on a songthaew bus in Krabi
Catch the songtaew bus into town
Local buses, or songthaew, run throughout the day and are an excellent way of making a day trip into or out of Krabi Town. There are regular stops, but you can hop on or off almost anywhere. Similarly, if you’re not close to a bus stop, you can stand by the side of the road and flag one down, like a taxi. The price from Ao Nang to Krabi Town is 50 Baht per journey.

Motorcycle taxis can also be found in Krabi Town and are a fast, if hair-raising, way to get around. The drivers will take you anywhere – for a price, which is best to negotiate before you get on. In Ao Nang beach, there are small minivans (tuk-tuks) and motorbike sidecar taxis (samlor) everywhere, which will take you most places in the local vicinity for 20 – 50 Baht per person. Because they charge per person, it is wise not to load too many people into the sidecar as they are not very stable – for more than 2 passengers, take 2 taxis, even if the driver insists it is ok.

There are also regular taxis, which people often hire as a ‘car and driver/guide’ on a daily basis for around 2500 Baht, depending on where you wish to go. They will also take you from Ao Nang to the airport for 600 Baht, to Krabi Town for 500 Baht and to Phuket for around 2500 Baht. Prices for many other destinations can be seen on the board outside Haagen-Dazs on the Beach Road, or at the entry to Ao Nang Soi 8, at the other side of the beach.

If you’re planning a day out at sea, the traditional wooden longtail boats found on all mainland beaches are your best option for independent island hopping. There are also frequent ‘taxi boats’ running from Ao Nang to Ton Sai and Railay Beach. These wait until they have enough passengers (in theory 6 – 8, but they usually hold out for 10 or more) to depart. Buy coupons for the boats at the longtail boat ticket booths on either corner of the beach road in Ao Nang.

Prices for trips are fixed by the boatmen’s club (i.e. are not able to be bargained down) and displayed on a board outside the ticket office. The prices are the same all year round and children under 12 travel free:

Longtail boat drivers stand all along the beach road
Longtail boats can be chartered from the beach

Longtail boat prices

One way to Pai Plong, Ton Sai or West Railay / Phra Nang Beach: 100 Baht per person. Minimum 8 people required, or pay 800 Baht to charter the boat. After 6pm, prices increase to 150 Baht per person / one way.

Return from Ao Nang to:
Chicken, Tub or Poda Island: 300 Baht per person, min 6 people.

You can also charter a boat with driver for your own use (not sharing with other passengers); buy tickets at the same booth. The prices are for a 4 – 7 hour charter, with up to 6 adults, for more you will pay extra.

Poda Island and Chicken Island group beaches (4 Islands), half day: 1700 Baht
Chicken, Tub, Mor, Poda Island and Phra Nang beach (4 Islands + Railay), full day: 2200 Baht
Local islands snorkeling (rock islands of Ko See, Ko Haa and Yawasam / Yawabon, no beaches): 3000 Baht
Ko Hong: 2500 Baht
Ko Hong group (Koh Hong + Ko Pakbia, Ko Rai, Ko Lahding): 2800 Baht
Bamboo Island (part of Koh Phi Phi group): 3800 Baht

Longtail boats can also be found at Nopparat Thara; Chao Fah pier in Krabi Town; Klong Muang; Ton Sai Beach; and Railay. Prices may vary slightly from those in Ao Nang, depending on how much closer or further away from the destination you are. From these departure points you usually pay the driver directly upfront (no tickets), though the prices will be listed on a board.

For independent exploration further afield, there are numerous private rental options. The cheapest is to hire a motorcycle (around 250 Baht / day + petrol for an automatic scooter), although this is recommended only for those with previous experience, as insurance coverage for accidents – or theft – is never included and the roads can be dangerous. Make sure to bring a photocopy of your passport for any vehicle hire – never, ever rent from anyone who asks to take your actual passport as guarantee (this is illegal). Bicycles are also available for rent, for those fit or crazy enough to brave the heat.

Car rental is perhaps a safer, more comfortable option, especially if there are a few of you to share the cost – prices for an average 4WD can start from around 1200 Baht per day, including insurance and with unlimited mileage. A few hundred Baht extra will get you a much better maintained vehicle with an international company such as Budget or National.

Note: for information on getting around between the mainland and the islands in Krabi, please see our separate page on Krabi ferry schedules.

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Last updated: October 24, 2016