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Health and hazards: special considerations when travelling with children in Krabi

A child playing on Railay's Phra Nang Cave Beach
Keep children safe from the sun in Krabi
Healthwise, sunburn and irritation from mosquito bites are the most common problems encountered when travelling with children in Krabi. Hats and rash guards should be worn in the daytime on the beach, with the highest factor suncream (brand name sunscreen for kids is available here if you run out) even in the shade, and insect repellent applied before sunset or during the day if visiting jungle areas. Please note the extra precautions that should be taken at the moment against the mosquito borne dengue fever in Krabi.

If you are bringing a stroller or pushchair to Krabi, make sure it has a proper hood or parasol for shade.

Electric shocks can be another danger. Local Thai plugs and sockets are rarely earthed, so exercise precaution when using electric appliances outside of your hotel. This is also the case for many lightbox signs outside shops and restaurants; keep a close eye on children, who may get a nasty shock if they touch the metal poles on which they stand.

One final potential hazard is swimming pools: shallow children’s areas may not have sufficient barriers to the deep pool, or if they do, these barriers may not meet western safety standards. Please make sure you supervise your children in the pool at all times.

In case of any non-serious illness, you may visit a pharmacy. Staff here will be trained to issue even prescription medicine for children. Serious illness will require medical attention from a pediatrician or qualified GP such as at Dr Somboon’s clinic in Ao Nang, or the Krabi Nakharin Hospital in Krabi Town.

Last updated: October 24, 2016