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Getting to Klong Muang

Klong Muang GPS coordinates: N 8.055639, E 98.750135
Tubkaek Beach GPS coordinates: N 8.089121, E 98.74731

Klong Muang is located directly to the north of Noppharat Thara on the coast, but the lie of the land is such that the single road to get there is around 16km from Ao Nang. Tubkaek is another 6km drive north, and the road terminates here, at the entrance to the national park, and the trail to Khao Ngon Nak.

The area is around 40 minutes drive from Krabi Airport and taxis are the only form of transport available (other than private car or motorbike rental).

The map below shows the location of the large gypsum quarry and deep sea port that dominates the landscape between Klong Muang and Tubkaek. Although no hotels in this area are located within sight of the main quarry, there are large trucks carrying the gypsum running regularly along the road towards Krabi Town. If you are very sensitive to traffic noise, you may find this disturbing; however, the majority of guests have no complaints.

The beaches around Klong Muang are not cluttered with longtail boats like the rest of the mainland; however, it is possible to charter boats to go to the Hong Islands and others in the local area.

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Last updated: June 13, 2015