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Ethical tourism in Krabi

A man building a longtail boat in Neua Klong district, Krabi
Learn how the famous Krabi longtail boats are built
Socially conscious tourism can play a big role in helping to keep Krabi’s soul and charm intact by empowering local people and imparting value to their customs, traditions and food. The local culture in Krabi is rich and fascinating: a mix of Thai Muslims, Chao-leh (sea gypsies) and Chinese-Thai have all contributed to the area’s unique character.

Visitors can experience this in various ways – full immersion with a homestay program, with cultural activities, such as visiting a rubber plantation, batik workshop or fishing village, or simply by choosing responsibly where they stay, eat and shop, to ensure that their tourist dollars stay within the local community for its direct benefit.

It may seem, from looking at some of the swanky locally-owned Krabi hotels, that the local villages are doing quite alright already! But though the owners of these successful 3 and 4 star properties have personally benefited a great deal from the growth of tourism, they do also support many less well off members of their extended families, as well as give extensively to local schools, sports events and the mosque and temple welfare programmes.

Possible itinerary

Day 1 – 4 island tour**
Day 2 – Krabi Town backwaters -> weekend market
Day 3 – Kayaking in Bor Thor
**local companies – Green Planet, Barracudas

A boy from Ao Nang Village
Ethical tourism means children like Nong-A will have a better life

The perfect time to come

A note about the timing of your trip: we would always advise travellers who are interested in Krabi’s culture to come during “low season”. Not only is this a quieter period, when local people are less busy and you are more likely to glimpse the “real Krabi”, but your contribution to the economy will be that much more appreciated.

Culture vulture

Experience the real Krabi

We’ve selected some tours below that offer an insight into life in Krabi – click on the links to see full itinerary and make an instant booking.

Last updated: October 24, 2016