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Expat entertainment in Krabi

There is a small, but lively expat scene around the tourist areas of Ao Nang, Krabi Town, Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi. There is very little in the way of organised activities such as clubs and groups, however: the expats here are Krabi-style, i.e. very laidback and unwilling to be coerced into doing anything. The groups that do exist are small and tend to be based around various sports activities – football, yoga or muay thai for example. There are also regular after-school children’s activities organised by the parents at the Krabi international school, but usually open to all.

Communities tend to form by nationality, but also by occupation – diving, hotel owners, retirees etc. But Krabi is still small enough that everyone knows each other, by sight at least (this is changing rapidly however, as more and more people move to the area). It is quite easy to meet people, especially in the handful of bars and restaurants favoured by the local expats, which tend to be a bit further out from the touristy areas (though many expats also mingle with the tourists down at the beach, particularly in the foreign-owned bars and restaurants). Whether you then make friends with them, is of course up to you!

Most nightlife, either at the beach or further away, is in the form of small bars and pubs, some with live music and nearly all with pool tables and board games. There are no real nightclubs or other large entertainment venues for expats in Krabi. Sports bars, showing Premiership football, rugby and the Grand Prix, are fairly common. For those who are interested, there are two girly bar “plazas” in Ao Nang, and several local Thai karaoke style places in Krabi Town. For those who are not, they are easy to avoid.

Though there is a multiplex cinema in the Tesco Lotus mall outside of Krabi Town, the offerings are Thai movies and only the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, all of which are dubbed into Thai (no subtitles). But you will find plenty of stalls selling the latest Hollywood releases, plus some American and British TV series on DVD.

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Last updated: August 29, 2012