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Krabi Italian Restaurants

Pizza at Viva Italian Restaurant in Krabi
The pizza at Viva Ristorante gets our thumbs up

There is quite a large Italian expat community in Krabi and many of them have chosen to open restaurants. Though they not may not always get along with each other, they do generally produce excellent food from the restricted choice of ingredients available here. Because of this limitation, most places do stick to the tried and tested pasta and pizza type menus, though all also offer a small selection of antipasti, salads and secondi piatti (meat and fish mains).

There are also a large number of non-Italian owned restaurants in Ao Nang offering much the same pizza and pasta fare: these might be of interest if you have dietary requirements (e.g. Halal pizza at the Bangladeshi-owned Italian restaurants – don’t worry about finding them, they will find you!), or you happen to like a particular interpretation of the Italian cuisine (the Swedish-style pizzas at Blue Mango or Aning have the extra toppings beloved of Scandinavians).

Since both pizza and pasta tend to be very difficult to recommend objectively – one man’s ‘thin and crispy’ is another’s ‘dry and tasteless’ – below we simply list the Italian-owned restaurants in Krabi and let you make up your mind which one would suit you.

Red Devil
Pizzas: medium crust, average toppings, limited choice (not first and foremost a pizzeria)
Pasta: excellent home made pasta, some unusual sauces, e.g. salmon and vodka and daily specials
Others: great seafood and risotto
Ambience: village eaterie, with mainly expat clientele.
Location: On the “Ao Nang” junction, at the turn off to Fossil Shell beach. Open daily from 11am-11pm.

Pizzas: very thin crust, small size, average toppings, traditional Italian choice including white pizza
Pasta: excellent home made pasta, large range of sauces
Others: good antipasti, carpaccio
Ambience: street front, good for people-watching; inside dining room can be hot and noisy
Location: In the centre of the main beachfront road in Ao Nang. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

La Luna
Pizzas: medium crust, generous toppings, traditional choice
Pasta: good home made pasta – try the squid ink variety with seafood sauce
Others: good antipasti, seafood
Ambience: street front, but elevated so not noisy; upstairs room can be hot
Location: On the main beachfront road in Ao Nang, just past Krabi Resort. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Viva Ristorante
Pizzas: thin, crispy and generous with the topping; good selection
Pasta: good homemade ravioli, very generous amount of sauce
Others: decent steaks, sandwiches and salads
Ambience: a streetfront restaurant, with some tables out front for people-watching, as well as a breezy dining room.
Location: Preuksa Uthit Rd, Krabi Town. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

La Panza
Pizzas: very thin, generous with the topping (crust often cannot take the weight!)
Pasta: decent choice, well cooked
Others: excellent tiramisu
Ambience: small dining room opposite Chao Fah pier in town.
Location: Khong Kha Rd, Krabi Town. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

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Last updated: October 24, 2016