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Maps of Krabi

Here you can find links to all our custom Google Maps of Krabi. Unlike many of the public place markers, ours are actually accurate! Please click or tap on the links to view them in the large Google interface (will open in new window).

Map of Krabi Province
This map shows all the major tourist attractions in Krabi, as well as the various areas where you can stay along the coast and on the islands.

Map of Ao Nang Beach
This map shows the U-shaped road that runs through the beach area, where most hotels in Ao Nang are located.
Ao Nang Destination Guide >>

Map of Nopparat Thara Beach
This map shows the long beach located next to Ao Nang, as well as the two different sides, which are commonly confused when booking hotels.
Noppharat Destination Guide >>

Map of Krabi Town
This map shows the centre of town along the river, with the passenger piers and other points of interest marked.
Krabi Town Destination Guide >>

Map of Railey
This map shows the whole of the Railay peninsula, including Ton Sai, and how all the different beaches are connected to each other.
Railay Beach Destination Guide >>

Map of Klong Muang and Tupkaek Beaches
This map shows the area to the north of Ao Nang, where most of the five star resorts in Krabi are located. It also shows the location of the infamous gypsum quarry in Klong Muang.
Klong Muang Destination Guide >>

Last updated: October 24, 2016