Destination Guide: Krabi Town

This authentic market town lacks beaches but is exceptionally well-connected and has a wonderfully laidback vibe, bridging old and new Thailand.

Destination Guide: Koh Jum, Krabi

One of the few remaining “get-away-from-it-all” destinations in Krabi, Koh Jum’s slow living and amazing sunsets make up for the so-so beaches.

Christmas tree in Ao Nang

Christmas in Krabi

Whether you’re here to escape the festivities, or are looking forward to a roast dinner in the tropics, find out what you can expect when you spend Christmas in Krabi.

Muslim friendly travel in Krabi

Krabi is not only the most beautiful destination in Thailand, it is also Muslim-friendly! Find out where to stay, eat, and pray in our Halal guide to Krabi

Krabi travel insurance

Do I really need to get travel insurance? Unfortunately, in Thailand, the answer is usually “yes”. But why is this, and what should you look for in an insurance policy when travelling to Krabi in particular?

Krabi restaurants – Where to eat

An overview of the dining options in Krabi, from cheap street food, to special occasion restaurants, covering Thai and and international cuisines.

Top ten Thai restaurants in Krabi

Where are the best restaurants in Krabi to try authentic Thai food? We steer you away from the tourist traps, to places where locals would go for a meal.

Where to eat in Ao Nang

From seafood to steak: we bring you the best places to eat in Ao Nang. Our recommendations are from locals and based on wide comparison and regular custom, rather than one-off meals declared to be “the best [fill in the blank] in Thailand!”

Vegetarian food in Krabi

Thai cuisine may not be very vegetarian friendly, but vegans and vegetarians will not go hungry: we round up the best options for meat-free meals in Krabi.

Dealing with a food allergy in Krabi

Dairy and wheat intolerance are fairly common these days; sufferers will be relieved to know that in Krabi, it will be relatively easy to avoid such foods.

Solo travellers to Krabi

More and more people are choosing to explore Krabi alone: we list the precautions to take, and also explore the positive side of solo travel

Krabi expat guide

Our guide to expat life in Krabi will help you to familiarise yourself with the area, how things work, and – more importantly – the kinds of home comforts that are (and aren’t) available here.

Krabi for disabled travellers

Krabi – like most of Thailand – is a challenge for wheelchair users, but certainly not one that is insurmountable. Many disabled travellers visit the region each year and facilities are improving.

Halal food in Krabi

Muslim visitors to Krabi should rest assured that it is very easy to find Halal food here, as there is a large (up to 40%) local Muslim population.

Long stay accommodation in Krabi

Finding long-stay accommodation in Krabi in advance of arrival is usually pretty difficult – and not advised at all for the first time visitor.

Sustainable tourism in Krabi

Sustainable tourism is becoming a bigger trend worldwide but what does Krabi have to offer for the ethically minded visitor? Find out here.

Krabi temples: Tiger Cave and more

Krabi’s temples offer not just a break from the beach, but some beautiful architecture, valuable insights into the local culture – and great views.