Spas & Massage in Krabi

Indulge in pampering on a high level at one of Krabi’s luxury spas; or reach equal heights of bliss with a firm Thai massage in a more prosaic setting.

Playing golf in Krabi

There are only two golf courses in Krabi, one 9-hole and one 18-hole: find out where they are and how to get there.

Thai boxing in Krabi

Thai kick boxing, or muay thai, is Thailand’s national sport. It’s also become a popular workout and fitness method. Find out where you can train or watch the sport in Krabi.

Cycling tours of Krabi

You may think only lunatics would brave the scorching heat to pedal around Krabi: you may even be right! But cover up and stay hydrated and the rewards are many…

Elephant trekking in Krabi

Why you should still consider elephant trekking: read about the pros and cons of riding elephants in Krabi, with not a scary video or dodgy meme in sight.

Fishing in Krabi

Fishing enthusiasts in Krabi can choose between open sea fishing for a day out at the islands, or freshwater game fishing parks to stay on dry land.

Rock climbing in Krabi

Don’t visit Railay or Ton Sai without trying your hand at rock climbing. The peninsula is a climbing Mecca and can accommodate beginners as well as seasoned climbers.

Get married in Krabi

A beach wedding is many couples’ dream: we explain how it can become a reality in Krabi. Find advice on wedding planners, marriage registration and more.

Spending a romantic break in Krabi

Taking a break with your loved one? See what Krabi has to offer for a romantic getaway – find the best activities, restaurants, spas and more.