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Krabi restaurants – Where to eat

Food in Krabi is cheap, plentiful and available 24 hours a day. Thai people love to eat and you’ll find tasty street food, or hawker stalls on every corner, selling everything from pancakes to fried chicken. Hygiene standards are high here, so there is very little risk involved in eating in the road.

Seafood is probably Krabi’s biggest attraction, food-wise: the province’s coastal location means supply is fresh and inexpensive. Preparation tends to be simple: whether steamed, barbecued or fried in garlic, the crabs, lobster, whole seaperch and king prawns taste fantastic. Shellfish is also readily available – you’ll find giant oysters, as well as the Krabi native hawy chakteen, or dog conch, famous in Thailand.

In the tourist centre of Ao Nang, many expats have set up shop and there is a pretty good variety of restaurants on offer: Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Tex-Mex, steakhouses, Swiss, German, Indian and even Russian. Prices are higher than Thai food, but still much cheaper – and often better – than the equivalent back home.

The influx of ‘foreign food’ has meant, though, that the Thai food has suffered somewhat and it is increasingly hard to find good quality and good value Thai cuisine in the restaurants on the main beach road. For a real taste of Thailand, you must head further out into the village. Or, take a trip to a local market, or to Krabi Town, a real foodie’s paradise.

Krabi Town boasts the region’s best Thai restaurants (the exquisite Ruen Mai, Ruen Tip and Jao Sua), as well as countless small, cheap local eateries, food stands and the famous night market. It is also home to two Krabi expat institutions: Viva Ristorante, with arguably the best pizza on the mainland; and Cafe Europa, a Scandinavian restaurant, which doubles as a friendly meeting point and mine of (free) tourist information from the owners.

Below you will find reviews of restaurants by category, as well as guides on where to eat by location. For recommended restaurants in Ko Lanta and Ko Phi Phi, please see the individual sites (click on the links provided). The Your Krabi guidebook also has a complete restaurant review section.

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Last updated: October 24, 2016