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A paddle guide can be useful if you are travelling alone and want to take pictures.

Paddle guide for kayaking tours

350 ฿


Product Description

If you have people in your group who are unable or unwilling to help paddle the kayak, paddle guides are available for a limited number of kayaking tours we offer. Unfortunately we cannot offer paddle guides for all tours, for logistical reasons. Please check on the list below to see if the tour you are booking offers this service.

The available tours are:

#FFKYTH – Half Day Kayaking in Ao Thalane
#FFSSKY – Sunset Kayaking in Ao Thalane
#LGTHEL – Kayaking in Ao Thalane + Elephant Trekking
#LGBTHH – Half Day Kayaking in Bor Thor
#LGBTEL – Kayaking in Bor Thor + Elephant Trekking

Paddle guides can take maximum one passenger each (2 seater kayak), so please book one per person requiring the service.

Note that although it is easier if all passengers on the kayak paddle, only one person actually needs to paddle, so children or less fit people in your group can sit as passengers with an able adult and in this case no paddle guide will be required.

Note: booking service is currently not available.

Last updated: June 21, 2014


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Good to know

Your paddle guide will follow the same route as the rest of the group. You do not need to paddle, which leaves your hands free to take photos, or just take in the scenery.

Important: Maximum 1 passenger per paddle guide booked.

Last updated: June 21, 2014