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New look for Your Krabi

Your Krabi - new lookI have to admit it: we are not real business people, nor do we have a crack marketing team at our disposal. So when we chose the name “Your Krabi” for this website, back in 2004, it was kind of a random decision, based mainly on the fact that a lot of Krabi-related names had already been taken and this one had a nice ring to it.

But over the years, Your Krabi has come to define our philosophy.

Krabi is an amazing place, with beaches and islands, yes, but so much more. It’s a multi-faceted destination that can offer a huge range of experiences. Couple this with what we all know: that travel has different meanings for different people; and it is easy to see that a catch-all, national-tourism-board-style website was never going to be of much use to anyone.

We wanted to make sure that all visitors were able to find what they were looking for and be able to make the most out of their time here. We uploaded honest, personal reviews of hotels; took real pictures of sights and activities; and gave detailed information about prices, schedules and more. But in our attempt to cover all aspects of the great Krabi experience, the website grew into a sprawling repository of facts, opinion and advice. Some of it was tamed and organised into the “Your Krabi” guidebook; but online, it became increasingly clear that people were not able to get to the information they needed easily.

With the help of our customers-turned-friends, Singaporean business consultants and Krabi regulars, Donny and Vilma, we came up with a plan to redesign the website, with the “Your Krabi” philosophy to the fore. Now, you can access the information you need far more quickly. Filter the articles by your holiday mood, or by any special requirements you may have and find a selection of activities, travel advice and hotels suited to your needs. Set on one place? Our destination guides have every area covered. Or, if you prefer a more traditional browse by subject area, we can offer that too (check the menu at the top).

The site is also fully responsive to meet the needs of readers using any kind of smartphone, tablet or mobile device – say goodbye to pinch and zoom!

“Your Krabi” has been nearly a year in the (re)making. We hope you enjoy it and, of course, that you find your Krabi and have a fantastic holiday!