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Krabi: Practical info during your visit

Money, health, visas and other practical tips for Krabi
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On this page you will find selected information about banks, pharmacies, immigration, communications, local markets and useful phone numbers in Krabi. At the end, you will find a map showing the location of (almost) everything mentioned, which we hope you will find helpful.


If you’re feeling ill or have minor injuries, the best advice is to see a pharmacist first. Most speak English and give free advice and diagnosis. They can also clean wounds and issue some prescription drugs. If the problem is more serious than you suspected, you will be referred to a doctor. Pharmacies are usually open from 8 in the morning until 9 or 10 at night and can be found easily all over Ao Nang and Krabi Town. In Railay and Ton Sai there are no pharmacies.

If you are staying Ao Nang, there are also a number of private English-speaking doctors’ clinics, of which Dr Somboon, next to 7-Eleven on the road heading from the beach to the village, is probably the best and least expensive. If you do not have travel insurance, be sure to tell them, and ask for all charges upfront, as many of these places tend to hike up their prices for claims purposes.


There are many banks in both Krabi and Ao Nang. Opening hours are usually from 8.30am-3.30pm weekdays (9am-5pm in Ao Nang), excepting public holidays. Currency exchange booths are generally open longer; most do not charge commission. ATM cash machines can be found in all tourist areas, including on the islands.

The main Post & Telegraph Office is on Utarakit Road in Krabi Town (Tel: 0-7561-1050). It is open from 8am- 4.30pm weekdays, 9-12am weekends. There is also a smaller branch in Ao Nang, with the same opening hours, on the main road through the village. Packing services are available. There is also a DHL courier drop off branch right next to here.

Mobile phone network coverage is almost 100 percent around Krabi, although you may experience difficulties in some remote areas, or when driving through the limestone cliffs. Thai pay-as-you-go sim cards can be bought for as little as 50 Baht in any 7-Eleven or Family Mart store (top up here as well), with no registration required – all you need is an unlocked phone. Pay-as-you-go (pre-paid) Thai 3G sims and micro sim cards (for iPad) can be bought in larger mobile phone shops, though 3G speeds are rarely seen. For cheap international calls buy a long-distance calling card or use the TOT public phone booths.

As most hotels and also many cafes and bars now offer wi-fi service, internet cafes are becoming rarer around the beach areas and in Krabi Town. The best bet is to ask in larger hotels, which often have terminals in the lobby. A high-speed connection is around 1 Baht a minute and other services such as printing documents or downloading pictures onto CD may also be available. The service will be faster and cheaper on the mainland than on the islands.


Krabi Customs Office is located on Chaofah Road in Krabi Town, opposite Chaofah pier. Phone: 0-7561-1350.

Krabi Immigration Office is off Tharua Road, near the out of town ferry pier. Phone: 0-7561-1097. All visa extensions must be applied for in person at this office.

There are 3 types of “visa” available to foreign visitors to Thailand:

1) A visa-free “permission of stay” granted to citizens of Hong Kong SAR and 48 other countries, for up to 30 days, which is granted by a stamp in their passport at any port of entry to the kingdom, including Krabi Airport. There is no charge or paperwork for this.

2) A “visa on arrival” is available to citizens of another 28 countries for up to 15 days stay. This must be applied for on arrival at one of 24 international immigration checkpoints (including Krabi Airport) and requires proof of return ticket within 15 days, adequate funds for stay, one passport photograph and a fee of 1000 Baht.

3) Those who do not qualify for the above, or who wish to stay for longer than the time allotted to them, must apply for a “tourist visa” at a Royal Thai Consulate or Embassy before arrival in the kingdom and granted for up to 4 months (2 x 2 months) upon payment of a fee. Each two month permission of stay granted with a Tourist Visa may be extended by a further month. To do this, you will need to visit Krabi Immigration Office with two photocopies of each of the following passport pages: personal information, visa stamp and arrival/departure card number; two passport-sized photographs; and a fee of 1900 Baht.

The 30-day permission of stay stamps given on arrival in Thailand (see 1. above) can also currently be extended up to a maximum of 30 days (normally 7) by the same procedure – at the discretion of the officer. The office is open 8.30am – 4.30pm weekdays only and is closed on public holidays.

Note that “back-to-back” entry to Thailand using any of the above methods is now being frowned upon by authorities, and many “visa runners” are finding they are being turned away at immigration controls both at land crossings and at airports. If you expect to be coming and going frequently from Thailand (more than the standard tourist visa in 3) above), it is now advised to apply for a year-long non-immigrant or education visa in your country of residence. Extra paperwork will apply, please see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for details.

Please note that overstaying your visa is considered a serious offence in Thailand, punishable with a daily fine of 500 Baht and/ or imprisonment. Your right to re-enter the kingdom in the future may also be affected.


In all these markets you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, dried goods, street food and snacks, clothing and various household items (timings are guidelines only):

Monday: Ao Nang, Ao Nam Mao Rd, past Ton Company offices, 3 – 7pm

Tuesday: Ao Nang, Ao Nam Mao Rd, past Ton Company offices, 3 – 7pm

Wednesday: Nong Thaleh, main road (1 – 6pm); Ao Nam Mao roundabout (3 – 7pm); Klong Haeng Walking Street, next to 7-Eleven (3 – 8pm)

Thursday: Klong Haeng village, main road (2 – 7pm)

Friday: Ao Nang, past Ton Company offices, 3 – 7pm; Krabi Town Walking Street, Maharat Soi 8, 5 – 10pm

Saturday: Klong Haeng village, main road (2 – 7 pm); Krabi Town Walking Street, Maharat Soi 8, 5 – 10pm

Sunday: Ao Nam Mao roundabout (3 – 7pm); Krabi Town Walking Street, Maharat Soi 8, 5 – 10pm

Daily markets:
Krabi Town: night markets, Sukhon Road (Soi 10) until around 9pm; food stands only at Chao Fah Pier (Khong Kha Road) until 11pm.
Krabi Town: morning market, 6am-11am, Soi 9, Maharat Rd.
Ao Nang: Sofina market, 1 – 8pm, past the traffic lights at Ao Nang junction, heading towards Ban Chong Phli.


Travel services
Airport (general enquiries)         0-7563-6541
Krabi bus station          0-7561-1804
Lignite Tours              0-7561-2847
(VIP overnight sleeper coaches to Bangkok)
(For more information on travel, see our Getting Here and Getting Around pages.)

Government offices
Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT)         0-7562 -2163
Post & Telegraph Office          0-7561-1050
Krabi Immigration Office          0-7561-1097

Emergency services
Krabi Police             0-7561-1222, 191
Ao Nang Tourist Police         0-7563-7208
Fire Brigade              0-7561-1111, 199
Krabi Hospital             0-7561-1202, 0-7561-1210, 0-7561-1220
Krabi Search & Rescue (outdoor needs)        0-7562-2581
SSS Recompression Chamber Network 08-1956 0120 (Krabi), 08-9871 2335 (Phuket)

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Last updated: October 24, 2016