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White water rafting in Krabi

Whitewater rafting is now available in Krabi
Are you feeling the rush?
White water rafting is a relatively new adventure activity being offered in Krabi by a couple of local companies. In actual fact, the rapids visited are on the Songpraek River in Phang Nga province, around 1 – 1.5 hours drive north of Ao Nang. The run used is from 5 – 9km in length, depending on the type of tour chosen, and is a manmade course with water periodically being released from a dam upstream. The difficulty level is classed as being between Grades 2 – 3 for the 5km route, and Grades 2 – 4 for the 9km route.

This a pure adrenalin activity, and because it is classed as an extreme sport, even at this relatively low level of difficulty, there is a minimum age requirement of 6 years (we would be extra cautious and say no under 9s), pregnant women or anyone suffering from back or neck problems. For the shorter route (5km) no experience is necessary and proper training sessions are provided before climbing aboard, including various emergency scenarios. Two professional guides will sit at the front and back of the raft to steer so the paddling required from you is less critical – it’s for powering, rather than manoeuvring the boat. You can even opt out of paddling entirely if you wish to hold on with both hands.

The longer course of 9km should only be undertaken by adults with some prior experience as it’s more challenging and the skill level required is higher.

Because the rafting itself is very rapid (pun intended!), taking less than an hour, and transfer time is long, most tours are full days combined with a variety of other activities, ranging from elephant trekking, ziplines and ATV (quad bike) riding to vists to the Ton Pariwat waterfall, and Monkey Cave temple (both in Phang Nga).

Note that any of the full day itineraries are pretty exhausting, especially with the long transfer times, so do schedule in a rest day either before or after!


Want to add a white water rafting tour to your itinerary? The available tours (including combo tours) are listed below; click on the links to see full itinerary and make an instant booking.

Last updated: January 16, 2017