Why book with Your Krabi?

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Why book with Your Krabi?

There are hundreds of websites offering to book Krabi hotels and resorts, so why book through us?

Real people, not machinesPERSONAL ATTENTION: with Your Krabi, real people in Krabi make your booking, not computers. This means we can’t provide “instant booking” for hotels, but also that we don’t make you pay before we can confirm your reservation, nor do we make changes without consultation.

With Your Krabi, you can expect guaranteed reservations (no computer errors or double booking), and clearly explained, suitable alternatives if your chosen room is not available. Special room requests, such as a high floor or twin beds, are passed on to the hotel, not ignored.

Tours and activities, which can be booked instantly, will be double checked and confirmed before issuing your voucher to ensure everything can be done within your schedule.

Happy families: no hidden supplementsNO HIDDEN COSTS: this is not just the additional 17.7% (taxes and hotel service charge) many websites add on to your bill at a later stage, having lured you in with their apparently lower rates, but the various supplements that hotels charge for children, breakfast etc. Most instant booking systems can’t deal with the different policies of each hotel, so they don’t bother, leaving you to pay the extra when you check in. Our price, quoted upfront, will include all of these things, so no nasty surprises on arrival.

Airport pick-upLOADS OF EXTRAS: Have questions before you book? Go right ahead and ask. Unlike most websites, we can organise airport pick-ups for all our customers who need them. Have any issues with the hotel when you are here? We are based in Krabi, know the hotel staff personally and can usually assist if required.

Choose local: you will appreciate the difference!